About Us

Lennox Blythe-Wattlington and the Leg Slippers began in the 1920's ;well, the ficticious 1920's at least. Simon Whiteside works in film music and as music supervisor on Downton Abbey put together the Jack Ross Band. We had such fun doing it that we thought it would be good to form a live act from it. The ideal opportunity arose when Jim Carter (Carson the Butler) started talking about the 150th Anniversary of Hampstead Cricket Club where Simon's Son, Angus, plays for the colts; Hence the cricket reference. Members of the band also appeared in Mr Selfridge series 3 & 4
On set as the Jack Ross Band Downton Abbey Series 4

Jazz on Film

What we Play

We play a joyous mix of Jazz from the 1920s in the traditional style through to the early swing era. The customary frontline of Clarinet, Trumpet & Trombone improvise over a back line of Banjo Bass Sax & vintage Drums. The group is totally acoustic and if the mood takes a member of the band to sing a number, a brass loudhailer may hove into view to facilitate a clearer vocal. All we require are six chairs. For outside gigs the bass sax can be changed to sousaphone.

Totally Acoustic

Vocals through a Loud Hailer

Special Guest Drummer

Mr Selfridge Himself